The team at TFES is dedicated to making reading a priority at our school and for our students. One program that we use to assist with motivating and monitoring student reading is the Accelerated Reader program. With the school in full swing students should be exposed to AR in their classrooms and should also be discussing goal setting. Please make an effort to discuss AR at home and make reading a priority for your child. Students are able to continue their normal log-in and testing throughout the school year. If you need assistance with this please feel free to email me ( and I would be glad to assist. 

The Accelerated Reader Program is used throughout our Elementary School as an extension to our reading programs. AR allows students to take tests on books that they have read in school or at home. Then the students, teachers, and parents can see how well the child is comprehending the material that they are reading. Students are very motivated in this program, internally and externally. Check in with your child on how well they are doing in AR. Click on the button below and have your child login and show you how well they have been doing.

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