Drivers Education will be offered 7th period both 1st and 2nd semester. Class size will be limited to 24 students. If you are interested in 1st semester, your student must be on the interest list by August 24th. Sign up on the google form that can be found here, or the hard copy in the high school office. Email Heidi Donnelly at if you have any questions. Students Must be 14-1/2 by the first day of class and are accepted into the class by age. Class fee is $250 and is due at the parent meeting.



Three Forks, Montana

Mrs. Heidi Donnelly, Mr. Ian Schilf

As traffic education instructors, our job is to provide the tools required to be a successful driver. The job of our students is to do their best to master these tools through study and practice. Parents must support their student by knowing the law and expectations and giving their student opportunities to develop and practice their skills at a rate that is appropriate for their skill level.

Non-refundable Class Fee: $250 (payable to the district and due at parent meeting)

Class Expectations: The class is progressive. Students will only pass to the next skill set if they demonstrate proficiency in the previous skill set.

Student Expectations and responsibilities: Due to the uniqueness of Driver Education and the serious nature of the responsibilities required to be a safe, courteous, and proficient driver, all students are required to meet all the following expectations:

  • Attendance at all classes and all drives is required. Missing a class or a drive could result in a failure to meet state requirements. The semester class gives us more flexibility on class attendance, but all drives are still required.

  • Assignments are due the beginning of class. Late assignments will not be accepted.

  • Passing grade is 82% or higher.

  • Students are expected to come prepared to class with homework completed and the necessary learning tools.

  • Behavior inside and outside the classroom and school must be on point. Students are to be attentive to instruction and behave in a respectful manner toward the teachers, their peers, and school property as well as within our community. This expectation is to be demonstrated in the car as well. Failure to meet this expectation in school or outside of school (a major office referral at school, or a ticket or other action issued by law enforcement, including a misdemeanor or felony within the last six months, even if it is not traffic related) could result in not being accepted into the class, or dismissal from class with no refund.

  • Implied Consent—Once you have signed the Montana Driver License Application, you are giving implied consent to drug and alcohol testing.

Parent expectations and responsibilities: We will have your student for over 60 hours, including 6 or more hours of driving. Over the next 6-12 months, your student needs an additional 44 hours of drive time. That is your responsibility (as their legal guardian) that can begin once they earn their Learner License.

  • Attend the mandatory parent meeting with your student.

  • Plan to have your student to class and drives on time and picked up in a timely manner.

  • Know the driver’s license laws and follow them.

  • Be a good example for your new driver to follow.

  • Know that when you are signing the Montana Driver License Application, you are assuming full responsibility for your driver until they turn 18. But, until they turn 18, you also have the legal right to cancel it.

  • Plan to provide appropriate driving opportunities for your driver after they receive their Learner License.

Instructor expectation: Our job is to do all we can with our time and resources to provide tools that can be used by families to build new drivers who can be trusted behind the wheel. We will do our best to make these tools easy to understand and to carry out. We do have high expectations for our students but will make every effort to not only give them the tools required to meet the expectations, but also teach them to use those tools. We all share the road. It seems like a smart approach.

General classroom and driving rules and considerations:

  • Phones, smart watches, and other devices, including earbuds, are not allowed unless we are using them for an activity. Students will be given 30 points at the beginning of the session. If I hear their device or see it in an unauthorized location during class or during a drive, they will lose 5 points each time. If they are using their device without permission, they will lose 10 points for each offense. During class phones must be in a locker or placed in the designated classroom spot. During drives, phones will be placed up front, in the console, or in the trunk.

  • Be attentive in the car, even when you are not driving.

  • Food is allowed as long as it isn’t loud, smelly, or messy. Leave a mess, lose the privilege. Water bottles and other drink containers with a lid are allowed.

  • When we are in small spaces, like a car for example, for long periods of time (more specifically, 2-3 hours at a time) please be considerate of the people around you. Shower, wear deodorant, don’t eat food that is likely to produce smells later. Please.

How licensing works:

  1. TEP—Traffic Education Permit. This permit only allows your student to drive with me, the traffic education instructor.

  2. Graduated Driver License (GDL) Step 1: LL—Learner License. After passing the Learner License written test, your student will receive their Learner License which will allow them to drive with a parent or legal guardian. This license gives your student the opportunity to practice their skills. After a minimum of 6 months and 50 hours of driving (10 hours at night), your student is eligible for GDL Step 2. The LL is good for 1 year. (Don’t let it expire!)

  3. GDL Step 2—Restricted License: Allows your student to drive solo, but with restrictions.

    1. First six months--only one passenger that is not immediate family is allowed in the car

    2. Second six months—up to three passengers that are not immediate family are allowed.

    3. No driving between 11pm and 5am. (There are exceptions, but this is basically the same as curfew law.)

    4. NOTE: If your student passes this class, earns their LL, and passes the CDTP (driving test) on the last drive, they could be waived from the drive test when they are applying for this license. I reserve the right to not waive a student.

  4. Full Privilege Driver License after holding the GDL step 2 for one year and meeting all the requirements.